Website and Email Hosting

As you may be aware with hosting, security is of utmost importance. A high level of customer service, support and a patient and friendly attitude are exactly what you would expect from HHH Supplies Ltd.

If you utilise our other services, then we would recommend that you also consolidate your hosting with us. This streamlines your account, and increases the level of customer service as a result of faster diagnosis and solution. Having your email accounts hosted through our servers has the same benefits, and can also be consolidated alongside or independently.


When hosting your services, web site, email, and database, shopping cart & web applications we offer a flexible & secure service to our clients.
Our servers consists of industry level platforms with technology to protect your data, we employ a daily backup of all our clients data. Your web sites are protected by a Cisco firewall, your server operating system is administrated daily along with applying all the latest security updates, our email server is blocking ¾ of email that is SPAM.

Business hosting services from £120 + VAT per year

Web Features

  • 1GB of web space
  • 5 FTP Accounts
  • 5 Sub domains
  • PHP & Perl Scripting

Email Features

  • AV & SPAM Filtering
  • Email Control Panel
  • 25 Standard email accounts
  • 10 forwarders
  • 25 Auto responders
  • Secure email send/receive
  • Backed up
  • SLA

Additional costs for additional facilities

  • Web space per 1GB £15 + VAT pa
  • 1 MySQL & phpmyadmin £15 + VAT pa
  • 10 standard email accounts £5.99 + VAT pa
  • Email account storage space increase by 25mb @ £0.37 pa

If you would like to make an appointment with one of our consultants in a comfortable informal environment to discuss how we can help your business, then you can contact us on 07709442301 or via our contact form.

SSL (secure socket layer) certificates give you peace of mind that your passwords and other sensitive information are encrypted at a high bit rate to ensure maximum security.